How to make a bee watering station

Even bees are thirsty and need to rest. They need a place to recharge their energy in the heat of the day and after long flight distances.



medium sized-large pebbles


water (nature)

flower pot saucer

plant pot



  1. Find a suitable place to set up the water station.
    The station is best placed next to or into a flowerbed or box
    with bee-friendly plants.

  2. Wash the flowerpot saucer thoroughly (without soap).

  3. Lay the stones and moss in such a way that no gaps are created.

  4. Dig the flower pot into the ground with the opening facing
    down to 5cm (depending on its size) and make sure it will
    not move so easily.

  5. Fill the watering station with water (no sugar water!)
    and place it on the flower pot. The stones should protrude
    1-2mm out of the water.

  6. Solidify the flower pot by stabilizing it with stones. 

  • Place the watering station in a windless, sunny spot.
  • Change the water regularly.
  • See that the bee watering station is always filled with water.
  • There should be no dead insects in the water.




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